In 2012, we created the first Cecilia organ module - the result of our development. Since then, we have sold many pieces to many countries around the world and continue in development. The Cecilia module is a great addition to a common keyboard as well as a large digital organ. It represents a convenient alternative to PC based solutions like Hauptwerk or GrandOrgue.

What is Cecilia:
A compact device changing every cheap keyboard to almost true organ. However, the use of the module is not restricted to keyboards; on the contrary, it is intended preferably for the two-manual consoles with a pedal board. It aims at perfect organ sound under the conditions of quite easy control. On the other hand, the module is also endowed with many advanced sound functions.

Benefits of Cecilia:
  • High sound quality thanks to long samples,
  • simple control,
  • reliability and stability,
  • compact dimensions,
  • removable sample-sets,
  • available also as "bare electronics" for both professional and DIY use.

    The module is intended for:
  • Owners of digital organs of Ahlborn, Viscount, Content, Johannus and similar type demanding a high quality sound,
  • owners of common keyboards equipped with MIDI output desiring the feeling of a real organ,
  • houses of prayer, ceremony halls, community centres,
  • musical ensembles, orchestras, choirs, organists playing on various occasions; in these cases, the advantage of the module is its mobility and the possibility of connection with different electronic keyboards.

    Cecilia Magna
    Cecilia Magna organ module is our up-to-date prodict that combines the perfect organ sound with many new features:
  • Compact dimensions,
  • a pleasant control of stops by large-scale mechanical stop buttons (max. 32 stops),
  • all module functions accessible by a touch screen,
  • exchangeable organ sounds (samples),
  • magnetic stop labels,
  • a practical stand for ergonomic positioning.

    Cecilia Magna - manual
    Sampleset "North German Baroque"
    Sampleset "French romantic style"

    Version of organ modules for blind organists

    The sound modules are specially designed to be easy to use for blind organists. Stops are controled using simple toggle switches and important audio functions via the rotary switches on the back side of the module.

    Bare electronic units

    We supply base units for other organ manufacturers as well as for hobby projects. The units are suitable for building into consoles or sound modules. There is a universal platform for all offerred types of instruments. The software (sound, functions) can be individually tailored to given requirements. The units can be also applied for expansion of pipe organ by electronic stops).

    Cecilia electronic unit - manual

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