Welcome to our website. We are designers and developers of parts and advanced electronic systems for virtual pipe organs. We are the authors of a high quality embedded virtual organ system based on real samples. It is a great alternative for PC-based solutions with special VPO software. We use this system in our organ modules and in compact digital pipe organs. We also produce components for MIDI organ consoles. We can offer special custom-tailored constructions or standardized cost effective parts.

New firmware for Cecilia Magna and related products

Newer version of the module contains new “AEOS2” firmware with manypositive changes, such as:

Live recordings:

New Cecilia Magna module:

Con gusto - by Pavel Hrubeš Youtube
Passo lento - by Pavel Hrubeš Youtube
Danza educata - by Pavel Hrubeš Youtube
Glory to the light - by Pavel Hrubeš Youtube

Cecilia organ module (older version):

Organ module demo video - by Petr Hostinsky Youtube
Claviorganum module demo - by Petr Hostinsky MP3

Virtual pipe organ in the Church of St. John the Baptist in Kromeriz:

Petr Hostinsky - improvisation on a theme of a sacral song MP3
B. M. Cernohorsky - Toccata in C major MP3
J. F. N. Seger - Fugue in A minor MP3
D. Buxtehude - Chaconne in E minor MP3
N. Bruhns - Praeludium in E minor MP3
J. Strejc - Concert etude MP3
J. Pachelbel - Chaconne in F minor MP3
J. S. Bach - Concert in G major MP3
Jan Gottwald - improvisation on a theme of a sacral song MP3

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